Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep the fish I catch?
Any edible fish of legal size and limit are yours to keep. All inedible fish will be released.

What if I want a mount of my fish?
Many of the guides in the keys are mount agents for the various taxidermy companies. Release mounts are common practice and you do not have to kill the fish for the mount.

What is your cancellation policy?
Each Captain has his or her own cancelation policy. Please check with your guide.

What about tipping?
Tipping is not mandatory but it is appreciated. A normal tip is just like wait staff in a restaurant 15 - 20 % of the trip cost based of course on your service.

What about rough weather?
The Key’s unique geography offers some great shelter from most winds but there will be some days that are not possible. In that case a full refund will be given, but weather calls are made by the captain.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?
You are welcome to bring your own but check with your guide to make sure it is appropriate tackle for the fishery

What do I need to bring on board with me for my day of fishing?
You will need to bring whatever you want to eat or drink. You will also need to bring sunblock, polarized sunglasses, light jacket, camera and bags to take your catch home.

What about the trip times and length of trips?
A half day is 4 hours a 3/4 day is 6 hours a full day is 8 hours and inreference to time of departure they often can be changed to fit your schedule. Always check with your guide about trip details.

Is rain gear necessary?
It’s always a good idea to be prepared, but check with your guide.

Are bait and licenses provided?
Guides normally provide the bait and the licenses