Upper Keys

  • Offshore
  • Flats
  • Light Tackle

Traveling down the Overseas highway you can't help but notice the expanses of shallow water extending from the keys shores. These 1-4 ft deep flats encompass a large portion of the nearshore waters. Florida Key's flats are home to some of the world's most sought after gamefish.

Most fishing is done from highly specialized shallow water boats known as flats skiffs. It's a very personal day on the water with a guide and two anglers fishing from a a 16 to 18ft skiff. Most fishing is done with light spinning tackle and fly rods.

Many compare flats fish to hunting because you actually stalk the fish. A guide will maneuver the boat through the shallows looking for signs of the elusive gamefish. Once the captain spots the fish it is up to the angler to make the cast. After the fish is hooked all you can do is hold on for the ride as your fish screams line, tearing across the flats.