What to Bring to Enjoy Your Fishing Trip

Booking a charter boat is not an everyday experience for most people. Whether you choose a skiff guide to fish the flats, light tackle boat or a large off-shore fishing boat, there are a number of things the angler should know. If time allows, book the boat in advance. This assures the availability of the boat and gives the captain an opportunity to match the angler's fishing expectations to the availability of the species for that time of year. However most fishing trips are impromptu. In this case the captain should be consulted regarding the anglers desired species. Abundance of certain species can vary with the time of the year because of migratory patterns.

You are hiring an experienced captain, so use his knowledge. The price of chartering a boat may seem costly until you closely examine the expense of equipping a modern sport-fishing boat. The cost varies depending upon the type of boat and equipment needed for your fishing trip. The day before the fishing trip , check to see that you have comfortable light colored clothing, a sun hat, and polarized glasses.Warm clothing may be necessary during winter months. The hat and polarized glasses help you to see thru the glare on the water. For anglers prone to sea sickness over the counter or prescription medications are recommended. Boating shoes or shoes with rubber soles will help to prevent falls on wet decks and protect boat surfaces. Ask the captain and mate just what your job will be before hooking the fish. Depending on the type of fishing technique your role as angler may vary greatly. You are not expected to operate all of the equipment but you should know your role. Most experienced anglers will agree with me when I say; relax, enjoy the warm sun and let the fishing take its course. Enjoy the ocean an its quiet beauty with all the marine animals that make fishing fun. When your moment comes and the ocean explodes with your gamefish of a life time - savor the moment.

Remember "The longer the hunt the sweeter the kill or release"

Captain Jim Sharpe